Ever thought about skiing or snowshoes to visit the wineries? In Traverse City, the city of cherries and wine, entrepreneurs went beyond the traditional, and built a ski trail connecting one winery to another. There are four wineries along the shore of Lake Michigan, with a 12-kilometer trail. The Leelanau trail is an exciting way to experience

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, and going in I didn’t know half of the details encompassing Ford’s life or even his presidency, but that all changed after spending a day immersed in his life. Upon entering the museum I felt a sense of importance and prestige sweep

One of the very popular activities here in Michigan is kayaking. People make many excursions to the Upper Peninsula north of the state to practice this activity. The water is very crystalline and the landscapes very different from those we are accustomed to in Brazil. Even in summer the water is very cold, especially in the upper lake

Hi people! My tip today is Kettle Sour beer, from Perrin Brewery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Beers called “Sour” demand a complex manufacturing process, which requires a good base of technical knowledge and original creativity, and often some kind of improvisation of the master brewer.  For those of us who simply love to taste an ice-cold

Photo courtesy of Pure Michigan When most people think of Michigan, they completely forget about the Upper Peninsula. Known to locals and visitors as the UP, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has its own distinctive culture, geography, and personality. In many ways, this part of the state has more in common with its Canadian neighbors than with the rest

beach. With its extensive white sandy beaches, Lake Michigan offers unmissable places for such a spectacle. Lake Michigan Beach Park, for example, is a longtime favorite of locals and visitors alike. The most beautiful sunset photos in Michigan are usually captured at Empire Beach. There, kids can play in a park while parents prefer to quietly admire the

In January 1893, six local brewers met and founded the Grand Rapids Brewing Company in Michigan, USA. For two decades, they built a monumental brewery on the corner of Michigan Street and Ionia Avenue, located in the heart of the city. This spot was strategic, because there they got wide access to fresh and limpid water. Even

The long-awaited inauguration of the New Holland Brewing unit Knickerbocker in Grand Rapids has arrived!!!! The 4-story building with almost 4,000 square meters will house a restaurant, brewery, and distillery. One of the spaces that calls attention is known as “The Trees”. It is lined with five modern tree sculptures each 5 feet high. The beer

ArtPrize is an international art competition held since 2009 in the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Every year, for 19 days, artists from around the world fill the streets of the city with their works of art and color. During the show, Grand Rapids transforms into a free art gallery open to the public. The city thrives on