First of all, we love Michigan! We love to talk about Michigan, show off great places and hidden gems and, awe people with all the great things we have.

Discovering Michigan is about a new style of travel experience for those who want to “get off the beaten path” and really connect with Michigan.

The experience can be a tour – as short as a couple hours, or as long as a whole day – or a package – from one to fifteen days, but in every case our products will take travelers to interesting places to meet locals and, to really see what make a place unique.

We firmly believe the best advice is born out of an experience, that’s why we spend a lot of time increasing our knowledge and discovering new hidden gems, investing in quality time with our partners, and training our team.

We have genuine experts for each and every one of our products, expertise that comes living in the area of the tour.

We will show you the highlights in a different light and, will introduce you to new places and new experiences. We don’t do tours, we take people in a journey.

We cannot stress enough that, as part of our responsible tourism, we believe in the local support. Our products are designed in a way a tourist can experience the area as a local, and, as funny as it can be, the local can experience their own area as a tourist.

Focusing on high quality Travel Experience, Discovering Michigan creates tours with every detail in mind. With a team of Brazilians and Americans, with a lot of knowledge and local experience, we have managed to provide unique trips that mark the memory and heart of those who are looking for unforgettable moments.

We are a socially conscious tour operator, creating long term benefits in social value from our tours for our local partners and community.

Our Work

  • Immersion Tourism
  • Tailor Made Trips
  • Offer Local Experience
  • Differentiated Travel Products
  • We have the Best Prices
  • Excellence in Service

  • Responsible tourism

  • Exclusive Suppliers and Partners

  • Bilingual Service 

  • Attention to details